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FAQ - Online Tuxedo Rental


Answer to your Questions about Formal Wear

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I rent from black tie BY LORI?

  1. Customers will choose from a variety of styles from our website.
  2. Customers may order the Tux or Suit as you see it in the picture or use the Tux Builder to create a personal look.  Just Click on the style you want, and add to your cart.  During the checkout process you must enter ACCURATE measurements, your ship to address (do not move without telling us, to avoid delays) and complete the checkout steps.  We highly recommend you go to a professional seamstress for measurements, not to a retail store, like Men’s Wearhouse, we want good measurements.  Print out our Measurement form & have a pro fill it out.  Tip them a few bucks and save yourself stress and money later on.
  3. Orders typically arrive 3-5 days prior to your event.  Try everything on & notify us within 24 hours of receipt of any fit issue.  We will provide one free exchange, Please read our exchange policies.
  4. Rental items must to be shipped back to Black Tie by Lori on the first business day following the event.

How far in advance should I place my order?

The sooner, the better! We encourage everyone to place their orders as soon as their event dates are set. Rush fees may be applicable if you place an order 17 days or less prior to the event date. Please contact Black Tie by Lori for questions or concerns.

How do I return my rental?

There will be a completed UPS return shipping label included in the box containing your rental.  Please locate it and keep handy.. To return your rental, 1) slip it in into the included garment bag, then 2) place in original shipping box and 3) place the return label over the original shipping label. This package will be accepted at any of the over 5000 authorized UPS store drop off locations.Many hotels have UPS pickup in their business offices where your rental return could be left.

You may use any box to return your rental items when the original is not available.  You could also include your rental in a larger box with other rentals (if they all were rented from black tie BY LORI).

For lost or misplaced return shipping labels, please Contact Black Tie by Lori ASAP for us to email you a replacement label..

In the event you had received exchange items for swapping sizes, please be sure to include those items in the same return box with the original items.

Please return rental within ONE business day after the wear date of your order to avoid late fees.  Please review Terms and Conditions for a description of fees.

Does black tie BY LORI carry high-end or quality tuxedos?

Yes.  Many are super 100 or better fabric. In fact, we specialize in superior, formal wear rentals. black tie BY LORI has one of the largest selections of men’s formal wear and tuxedos in the country, carrying the most trusted recognizable brands available

Am I allowed to purchase my rental?

Not at the time of your rental. The rental must be returned to us.

Are swatches available prior to ordering?

Excellent question, but swatches are not available for customers at this time. Contact Black Tie by Lori and one of our consultants can arrange for an accessory to be sent out in your desired color(s) at a discount. 

I have children in my wedding. Do you have small sizes for ring bearers? How much do they cost?

Our rentals start at size 3T but we offer children sizes for sale which may be more affordable.  Retail children formal wear can be a close.match to the rental garments.  Please contact us with any questions prior to purchase.

I like the slim fit tuxedo, but not all of the groomsmen are slender. How will that look?

It will look great! The coats are made proportionately for larger guys and the pant fabrics are designed to match.  So the larger guys could go with the non-slim fit or non flat front pants to give themselves more room.  Brides/Grooms can get the same look for all of the wedding party and each member will look good & be comfortable.

Do you have the color vest and tie that will match my bridesmaid dresses?

Odds are we do!! We have over 200 colors of accessories. However, we suggest classy looks utilizing neutral accessories that coordinate with the color theme you have chosen. Sometimes, a pocket square or boutonnière is all that is needed for that subtle pop of color. Let a black tie BY LORI sales associate help you with determining the best options for your wedding.  Contact us now.

Some of my groomsmen have their own tuxedo. Can they just rent accessories?

Yes they can, but we strongly recommend that you have your wedding party rent the same tuxedo. There are different dye-lots of black or any color, lapel styles, lapel widths and a variety of other details that can make each tuxedo look different.

Measurements & Fit

How do I get fitted for my rental?

Get measured by a professional tailor! Enter those sizes on your order. Please add a comment to your order with any concerns. If we have any questions on sizing we will contact you for clarification or discussion.

What is the deadline for submitting my measurements?

Customers should submit their orders & measurements no later than 20 days prior to the event. Any orders inside of 20 days prior to weardate will incur rush charges.  Your order will be cancelled when we cannot accept your order and get it to you in time.  Orders are processed within 24 hours after being placed.

How do I know my suit will fit?

black tie BY LORI stands behind the fit of all of our rental items. Your order will arrive within 3-5 days of your event. We need customers to try on the merchandise within 24 hours of arrival.  In the event your suit does not fit, our EXCHANGE policy allows customers to receive complimentary replacement. 

What happens if my rental doesn't fit?

Try on your tuxedo within 24 hours of delivery. If for some reason your order doesn’t fit, our Exchange Policies have you covered. Here are your options:


  1. For only sleeve and pant length alterations, you are welcome to have a local tailor or dry cleaner adjust the sleeve or pant length. Email us a copy of the receipt to blacktie@bridalsbylori of via our Contact Page. We will refund your credit card on file up to $15 (see our Terms and Conditions). Important note: make sure to specify to the person performing the alteration that extra fabric is not to be cut or removed from the garment.
  2. For sizing issues concerning the jacket shoulders/body, pant waist/seat, shirt neck/body, vests, and shoes, we will send you another item. You may return all items to us after your wear date in the same box as the original items were received in. For requests received after 24 hours of delivery, additional fees/shipping charges may apply.

Do your dress shirts accept cuff-links and button studs?

Yes. While our shirts do not have fold-down French cuffs, they may be used with cufflinks or the built-in buttons. Our shirts will also accept, but do not require, up to four button studs down the front placket.

What is special about your tuxedo pants?

Traditionally, tuxedo pants do not have belt loops, so our tuxedo rental pants have waist size adjusters that can adjusted by about 3”. They can go down in size 1″ or up 2″   All of our tuxedo rentals include suspenders to help keep pants up when they are bit loose in waist.

However, all of our non-tuxedo (suit) pants do have belt loops.   

Shipping Polices

How does my rental get to me?

We ship your tuxedo via UPS to arrive 3 to 5 days before your wear date. Ship it to the address you know you are most likely to be for package receipt.

Delivery signatures are not typically required, however, if you are having the order shipped to an address where the delivery service will not leave packages at the door, we suggest using an alternate address OR having the order shipped to a nearby UPS delivery center.  Shipping to your work office can be a good idea to insure a safe & timely receipt.

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies based on the price of your order. Standard shipping is FREE both ways for orders over $100. If your order is less than $100, you will incur a ground shipping fee of $20.

Do you ever charge a rush fee?

Yes, please review our Terms and Conditions for details. If you order within 17 business days or less of your event, your account will be charged a rush fee. Rush fees are based on the proximity of your wear date to the order date. If your event is less than 4 days away, please contact Black Tie by Lori immediately.

When does my rental arrive?

Your order will arrive 3-5 days before your event. All orders are shipped from one of our warehouse locations.

In what type of box is my rental shipped?

We ship in a high quality crenelated box. Our tuxedos and suits arrive folded on hangers in breathable-woven garment bags. We recommend removing all garments from the box and hanging them up to reduce wrinkles. A light steaming may be necessary to remove any stubborn wrinkles.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. We will need the appropriate shipping address on file.

What happens if no one is home to receive my shipment?

We don’t require a signature for most deliveries. UPS is instructed to leave your package only if a safe location is available. If they are unable to leave your package. UPS will re-attempt delivery two more times.  If UPS cannot deliver the package it will be returned and you will receive a credit per our Terms and Conditions.  It may be prudent to have the order shipped to a location you know you will be 3 to 5 days prior to the wear date.  Many select their office address as a safe ship to address.

Do you deliver outside of the contiguous U.S. ?

Not at this time. Orders must be delivered to and returned from the contiguous U.S. 

Garment Care

Who is responsible for the cleaning?

We take care of all the dry cleaning and we use only modern, eco-friendly processes and/or products.

What happens if I damage or lose the rental?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

We will allow our dry cleaners and tailors to fix minor damages and small stains. In cases of significant damage which renders the product unusable, or if you fail to return the product, your credit card will be charged for the retail price of the item.  Please Contact us to discuss any issues.

Returns & Cancellations

What if I want to change my order?

If you would like to change your order or shipping information, please Contact black tie BY LORI.

What should I do if my event is cancelled and I no longer need a rental?

  1. If you have already received your order, you will need to return the merchandise via UPS within 24 hours.  No credits are provided after shipment.
  2. If your order has not shipped yet, you will receive a credit based upon our terms and conditions..

What happens if I return my rental late?

Customers who return the rental late will be charged additional late return fees per our Terms and Conditions. Please contact black tie BY LORI immediately if you know you cannot return the merchandise within one(1) business day of the wear date.

Wedding Parties

What do I do if i'm having a destination wedding?

We understand that destination weddings do not always accommodate our 3-5 day order arrival OR the 1 business day return policies, so we do have other accommodations we refer to as extended rentals in place for special cases. We just ask that you contact us at 404.252.8767 Ext 195 prior to checkout so we can discuss shipping alternatives for you and your wedding party.

Can I see a tuxedo or suit prior to placing an order for my wedding?

Yes, we offer the option to “test” the quality and style of the garments before your purchase is complete. The process is fairly simple. The cost of a wedding test order is 50% of the original price; This fee includes shipping both ways. We will mail a jacket and pants on a Tuesday in the following 2-4 weeks from the inquiry date. Customers may keep the garments for 2 days. After that time, the garments will need to be returned with the included prepaid mailing label. Please contact Black Tie by Lori for additional details or if you are interested in a test order.

How do I set-up rentals for my groomsmen?

The groom or bride needs to create an account our our site and Register the Wedding.  Register a event and add your members assigning each a role.  You can then shop for a look for each role.  Once you have a role’s look create a wishlist and give the list a name such as Groomsman. Then when you add members assigned the wishlist for their role.   Once the members and looks are set you can email them or SMS(text) them which will include a purchase link of the look.  They can then click the link, register on the site and place their order.  You can visit the event registration anytime to see you has purchased their order.  If not you may resend them the information.  

Of course the other option is for the groom to order for each member.

How do I guarantee inventory availability for my wedding party?

We guarantee availability in your selected style for your wedding party upon completing checkout and receiving an order confirmation email.

Can I pay for some/all of my groomsmen's orders?

You have the option to pay some or the full balance of your groomsmen orders.   Please note that your groomsmen will still need to checkout by submitting their credit card information and agreeing to ‘Terms and Conditions’ in order to receive their rentals. If you have covered their costs, they will not be charged. If you would like to pay a partial or full dollar amount for your groomsmen orders please contact black tie BY LORI.

Can I add, remove or swap an item after checkout?

Once you complete checkout, you can make adjustments at any point up to 20 days prior to your wear date. To make changes on any order, Contact black tie BY LORI.

Can I add, remove or swap a groomsman after checkout?

Yes, you can do this after completing checkout at any point up to 16 days prior to your wear date. Please contact black tie BY LORI for additional help with this.

Can my groomsmen add, remove or swap an item after checkout?

Yes, your groomsmen can modify their orders up to 20 days prior to the wear date. They will need to complete checkout and contact black tie BY LORI to make adjustments.

How do I ensure that all groomsmen select the same items and event date?

The best way is via your Registration of the Wedding party where each will be sent a purchase link.  Once the orders are processed by each member you can check them within your account.  We will also send you a My Info link so you can see the overall status of each member.   

Can I check on the status of each groomsman's order?

Yes. You can also do this with our Event Manager within your account once you have input your groomsmen contact information and they have completed the checkout process.  Order status will also be available via the My Info page.  The Bride or Groom will be given a unique code to access.

Can I rent just the coat or just the pants?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  We only offer rentals of an complete outfit (set includes coat, pants, shirt, vest/cummerbund, tie & suspenders).

I'm a groomsman. How does it work for me?

You’ll receive an email invite once your event manager (the groom in most cases) has selected your look. Click the link in the email, fill out your size information and complete your checkout process as soon as possible. Please contact black tie BY LORI for any questions, concerns, or assistance prior to completing checkout.


When do you charge my credit card?

The card is NOT charged immediately upon placing your order. We must first ensure sizing and wear date availability. Your card will be charged once your order is accepted by Black Tie by Lori. This process can take up to three business days after your order is placed. Often times, there will be a transaction pending authorization– Please do not be alarmed by this! Most banks will put a hold on the transaction and the charge usually clears within 4 days.

I'm having trouble checking out.

If you are having trouble submitting your payment, please review the checkout purchase order to verify that the following fields are complete and correct: Name, Shipping and Billing addresses (street, city, state, zip), Card Type, Number, Expiration Date, and CVV code. If the checkout problem persists, please Contact Black Tie by Lori for further assistance.

Is your payment method secure?

Customers’ privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us. Your data is always protected and will never be sold to a third party. All transactions on our website process are securely using industry standard encryption 256-bit SSL.