Although the bride receives the majority of attention at weddings, don’t overlook the importance of a well-dressed groom. Just as the bride wants to create her own unique look, so, too, should the groom choose wedding attire that enhances his good looks. More often than not, most grooms select a black tuxedo, and, while you can never go wrong with a classic black tux, keep in mind there are many other options available today that will help grooms truly stand out on their special day. Here, we take a look at five alternative tuxedoes that take grooms’ tuxes beyond the black.

1. Navy

Dark blue hues give tuxedos the same classic look as traditional black but with a bit of an edge. Not only will the groom stand apart from the other men in the wedding party, but he’ll do so with understated elegance and glamour. A navy tuxedo would fit in nicely with a formal affair, but you can opt for a navy suit if you have a semi-formal event or even an outdoor wedding.

grooms tuxes beyond the black2. Ivory

Surprisingly, many grooms want to match their brides when it comes to wedding attire, and, for brides wear ivory gowns that means an ivory tux for him. Ivory tuxedos are ideal for daytime and outdoor weddings. For couples getting married on the beach, an ivory suit in a lightweight fabric is an ideal choice for grooms.

grooms tuxes beyond the black3. Tan

For outdoor weddings, tan is an ideal choice for the groom’s tuxedo or suit. The lighter shade is a perfect reflection of the casual elegance of the event, plus it will reflect the sun’s rays so the groom won’t overheat. Also, if the bride is wearing a lacy wedding dress, a tan tux or suit is a lovely complement to her wedding-day look.

grooms tuxes beyond the black4. Gray

Available in a wide range of hues, gray tuxedos are another way for grooms to maintain a high level of formality to their wedding day without opting for a black-tie affair. Choosing the shade of gray should directly correlate to the time of the event; lighter shades are more suited to daytime and outdoor weddings while darker tones couple better with late afternoon and evening weddings.

grooms tuxes beyond the black5. White

Just as many grooms choose ivory to match their bride’s dress, there are grooms who want a white tuxedo to match the bride. Grooms wearing white project an air of confidence and grace, without losing its formality. As with other light-hued tuxedos, a white tuxedo is best suited for an outdoor or daytime wedding. Just make sure to limit the white tux to the groom; all other men in the wedding party should be wearing a contrasting color like black.