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Returns & Exchanges - Online Tuxedo Rental

Returns & Exchanges

We send your order out so you receive it approximately 5 days before your wear date.  This will will provide time to try it on and check everything out.  

We strongly encourage customers try-on their merchandise as soon as it is received. In order to guarantee exchanges, customers have 24 hours to report any necessary changes.

Not satisfied with your merchandise?
No problem! Contact us via email or phone so we can make it right. Possible changes and/ or credits are available on select merchandise.*


In addition to the terms and conditions outlined on this page, other restrictions may apply to specific promotions, contests and other site features; they are incorporated as a part of these Terms and Conditions by reference.


Typically, all items should be ordered 18 or more days prior to the event date. Orders placed 17 to 13 days prior to the event date will be subject to a $50 rush fee. Additional fees may occur for orders placed less than 12 days prior to the event date. Contact Black Tie by Lori for further details.

You are not billed until your order is accepted.  black tie BY LORI will keep your credit card info for incidental charges such as multiple exchanges, late returns, damages or non returned items.

Cancellations and Refunds: You may cancel your order according to the following guidelines

  • 100% refund is offered within 20+ days of your scheduled wear date.
  • 80% refund is offered within 20-15 days of the scheduled wear date.
  • 50% refund is offered if the order is within 14 days of the wear date and prior to the shipment of the order.


Tux is not exactly a perfect fit? See a local tailor to make adjustments to the coat, sleeve or pants length. Contact us for service approval and we will credit your account up to $15 after providing a dated receipt. Please keep in mind that any changes in the cut of the fabric during alterations will be treated as a damage and fees will be applied upon its return.


black tie BY LORI will provide a single size exchange for FREE.  Additional exchanges, if needed,  will be billed at $20 each

To be eligible for your FREE exchange you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order and we’ll ground ship you a replacement item for free.  If your event is out of town we can arrange shipping of the exchange to your final destination (shipping can only be to the lower 48).

black tie BY LORI stands behind the fit of all of our rental items.  Our EXCHANGE policy allows customers to receive a complimentary replacement prior to their event. In order to be eligible the following conditions must be met:

  • To be eligible the order must be placed at least 18 days prior to the event date.
  • Also, to receive complementary exchanges, customers must call 877-408-8870 ext 195 #3 or complete our Contact us form, to notify the company of any sizing issues, within 24 hours of receipt of their apparel. The beginning of the 24 hour period is determined by the delivery timestamp of our carrier.
  • Exchanges may only be shipped into the lower 48 states,
  • black tie BY LORI will, at its sole discretion, make a best effort to correct fitting issues that do not meet the above conditions. However, a $20 ground shipping fee or additional overnight shipping expenses for the exchange items will be the responsibility of the customer.

Returning your items

Upon your tuxedo arrival, you should locate the return shipping label included in the package. In order to return the merchandise, place all items into the original shipping box and place the return label over the original shipping label. This package will be accepted at any authorized UPS store or UPS pickup location. The included label covers items returned from the lower 48 states.

For lost or misplaced return shipping labels, please contact Black Tie by Lori ASAP.  Please use UPS only, we need the tracking number.

Please be advised that items not returned within ONE business day after the scheduled event, will incur late fees. Review the following charges below:

  • $25 per day (This fee is determined by postmark; we will not bill you for our shipping errors)
  • If you cannot return the items one business day past the wear date then you will need a extended rental.  Please Contact black tie BY LORI for information.

If any of the garments are severely damaged upon return, then the following minimum charges will be assessed upon receipt:

  • Coat $120.00
  • Pants $50.00
  • Shirt $15.00
  • Shoes $25.00
  • Vest $45.00
  • Tie $15.00

For all damage-related charges, we will communicate the issue with the you prior to charging the credit card on file.

You may have loss or left behind or forget the original shipping  box.  You can use another box and include as many other orders as possible in the box for return.  You could drop this off at any pickup location, such as a hotel business office. (hotel must be in lower 48).